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Despite of the increasing comfort and simplified practice of modern simulation-software, a highly educated and experienced user will always be the key to achieve reliable and realistic results of FEA simulations.

According to our practical experience, we know the all-day problems and questions.

Our excellent contacts to universities make sure we always are up-to-date about latest and innovative evolutions and trends.

You want to participate in this knowledge? We can pass it on to you!

We don't offer seminars about learning how to use special software-products. That's what the individual developers know better! Our competence are courses and training programs actually tailored to your demands.

The possible spectrum begins with introductory courses, supplying you with an overview of the possibilities, advantages and responsibilities of finite elements analyses. Therefore, these courses are not only recommended for engineers, but also for management not concerned with numerical calculations on first hand, but ready to acquire some basic knowledge about FEA. For the engineer directly concerned with FEA, the possible courses lead on to more elaborate seminars about special topics like »Simulation of the thermo-mechanical behavior of short fibre reinforced polymers« or »Numerical calculation of adhesive-bonded structures«.