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FEA Results on a real Prototype

Z Corporation Z Corporation
Z Corp. 3D Rapid Prototyping Printers can be used to output finite element analysis data in full color. VRML is used for data exchange. (details ...). Their software accepts VRML files from Ansys, Cosmos, Moldflow, Solidworks and immersive SIGHT (Abaqus and Nastran).

Pre- / Post- Processors

HyperMesh / HyperWorks Altair
MSC PATRAN   Linux Version
GiD International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (Spain) Linux Version
ANSA only preprocessing Linux Version
Postprocessor (NASTRAN Op2 & Bulk Data, ABAQUS, LS-DYNA)
Linux Version
MEDINA T-Systems International GmbH Linux Version
TrueGrid XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc.
Pre- und Postprocessor (hexaeder meshing)
Linux Version
EnSight Computational Engineering International (CEI)
for CFD, FEA and Crash
Linux Version
Medit a meshviewer with remarkable postprocessing skills. Free binaries for a number of operating systems Linux Version
Salome Open Source (LPGL) Pre- and Post-Processing (included in the CAELinux LiveCD) Linux Version
Gmsh Open Source three-dimensional finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities Linux Version
immersive SIGHT immersive SIM engineering
special postprocessor for visualisation of FE models and results using the internet suitable VRML format
Linux Version
immersive SIGHT conference immersive SIM engineering
multiuser-version of immersive SIGHT. Allows online discussions of FEA results
Linux Version

Free-, Shareware and low-cost FE programs

Z88 Aurora FE-solver for LINUX, Windows (XP, 7), Mac OS X (from SnowLeopard) Linux Version
FElt for X11 and Windows Linux Version
pdnmesh 2D FE-program with Delaunay mesh generator
FEMSET BASIC, Fortran and C versions and sourcecode
MBDyn MBDyn is a free software Multi Body Dynamics analysis system.
It has been developed at the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale of the University "Politecnico di Milano", Italy
Linux Version
Aladdin "Aladdin is a computational toolkit for the interactive matrix and finite element analysis of large engineering structures, particularly building and highway bridge structures. Aladdin views finite element computations as a specialized form of matrix computations, matrices as rectangular arrays of physical quantities, and numbers as dimensionless physical quantities."
CalculiX 3D-FE-Program for Linux und other Unixes Linux Version
TOCHNOG Finite Elemente Program under GPL for Linux and other Operating Systems Linux Version
FELIPE v.3 inexpensive ( < 100 Euro) 2D "Finite Element Learning Package" from Brunel University (with Fortran Sourcecode)
SLFFEA 3-D FEA under GPL for Linux Linux Version
Code_Aster extensive Fortran Solver under GPL (from EDF - Electricité de France - documentation mainly in French. Included in the CAELinux LiveCD) Linux Version
UNA 3-D Finite-Elemente-Program for Windows 95/NT/2000/ME (Static Analysis, Modal Analysis, Elastic Buckling, Substructuring, Transient Response, Frequency Response, Random Vibrations, Aeroelastic Response)
This program comes with the book "FEM mit NASTRAN - Einf�hrung und Umsetzung mit Lernprogramm UNA" from R�diger Heim, Hanser Verlag (2005 - ISBN: 3-446-22958-2)
OOF Object-Oriented Finite Element Analysis of real Material Structures
Linux Version
MYSTRAN Free NASTRAN clone for Windows (no source)
FEMM a Windows program for defining, solving, and postprocessing 2D planar and axisymmetric problems of magnetostatics, eddy currents, and electrostatics
DUNS The DUNS (Diagonalized Upwind Navier-Stokes)code is a 2D/3D, structured, multi-block, multi-species,reacting, steady/unsteady, Navier Stokes fluid dynamics code with q-omega turbulence model. It currently uses a diagonalized ADI procedure with upwind diff Linux Version
OpenFOAM "The Open Source CFD Toolbox" Linux Version

Universal FE-solvers and systems

ABAQUS ABAQUS Inc. (former Hibbit, Karlson & Sorenson Inc. - HKS) 2005 acquired by Dassault Systèmes (Catia) Linux Version
NEiNastran Noran Engineering, Inc.
NASTRAN (Win, Linux, AIX)
Linux Version
MARC purchased by MSC some time ago Linux Version
ANSYS   Linux Version
STAAD Research Engineers, Inc.
FE-System for PCs
Adina   Linux Version
Solvia linear and nonlinear stress and temperature calculations under Windows, Unix and Linux Linux Version
Zebulon from Northwest Numerics
also for Linux, with interesting clustering approach
Linux Version
PERMAS Intes Linux Version

Solver for dynamic simulations (Crash, Impact)

PAM-Crash ESI Linux Version
LS-Dyna   Linux Version

Fluiddynamics (CFD)

STAR-CD   Linux Version
Fluent, Fidap, Polyflow   Linux Version

Molding simulation

Moldflow, C-Mold  
Cadmould simcon kunststofftechnische Software GmbH
Calculates thermoplastics, rubber, thermosets, RIM materials. From filling through packing phase to end of shrinkage and warpage. Special processes: GAIM, Sandwich, Injection compression molding, 2 components parts (hard / soft)
Linux Version
immersive FIBER immersive SIM engineering
Interface between MOLDFLOW und ABAQUS, which allowes thermo mechanical simulations of injection molded, short fibre reinforced components with anisotropic material laws
Linux Version

Kinematics (mechanical system simulation) and Multibody Systems (MBS)



COMET COLLINS & AIKMAN (former Automated Analysis Corporation)

Material Simulation

Palmyra MatSim


FE-Fatigue nCode International Limited Linux Version
FEMFAT = Finite Element Method & FATigue (Engineering Center Steyr GmbH) Linux Version

BEM (Boundary Element Method)

BEFE Boundary Element & Finite Element Program (offline?)

Related Topics

CAELinux To give it a try: CAELinux is a Linux LiveCD with Code_Aster, Salome and many other Open Source CAE-Tools Linux Version
femML "The finite element modeling Markup Language (femML) effort is addressing the problems of data interpretation and application interoperability in the Finite Element Modeling domain.
femML is an XML-based language for describing finite element models and associated results for inter - and intra- application data exchange and integration."


www.nafems.org Nafems (National Agency for Finite Element Methods & Standards)


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