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immersive SIGHT

What do you think of the possibility of discussing FEA results with your engineering teams or customers in an effective and convenient way, without renouncing with an interactive 3D-presentation?

immersive SIGHT Modell im Webbrowserimmersive SIGHT Modell im Webbrowser

All you need to do so is a VRML-capable internet browser and immersive SIGHT, that assists you in translating your model and results data from NASTRAN or ABAQUS into VRML 2.0-format.

By using optimized algorithms and methods, especially tailored with regard to these new media tools, the size of data files can be minimized considerably. This allows you to achieve high performance even on usual PCs and guarantees the problemless exchange of data files by e-mail.

immersive SIGHT is a suite of independent modules, which share a common look & feel, but are especially tailored to the specifics of the adressed file formats

Please ask for the following modules:

aba2vrml translates ABAQUS *.fil binary results files to VRML
abainp2vrml translates ABAQUS *.inp files to VRML
odb2vrml translates ABAQUS *.odb files to VRML (under development)
calinp2vrml translates Calculix *.inp files to VRML (free software !!!!)
frd2vrml translates Calculix *.frd result files to VRML (soon to come, free software !!!!)
nas2vrml translates NASTRAN *.op2 files to VRML
nasbulk2vrml translates NASTRAN *.bdf files to VRML
patneu2vrml translates PATRAN *.neu neutral files to VRML
unv2vrml translates I-DEAS *.unv universal files to VRML

If you already have a VRML-plug-in installed on your system, just follow this link to some VRML-examples to get an impression of the efficiency of immersive SIGHT: VRML-examples. If you don´t, have a look at our links page to get some information about where to find a suitable tool (no hesitation - it´s all for free!)

Frequently asked questions concerning installation and running these plug-in tools are discussed on our support-page.