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What is VRML?

The abbreviation VRML means Virtual Reality Modeling Language. VRML is oftenly considered the Postscript of Cyberspace. There are some differences between Postscript and other graphical formats, because Postscript is rather a programming language that enables you to create and define the contents of a page. The source code of a Postscript data file is translated into machine code suitable for specific output devices (e.g. printers) by using an interpreter by analogy with VRML. It allows you to describe three-dimensional scenes and was especially developed to fulfil the requirements of high internet performance. The visionary pioneers of this language were mainly eager to create virtual world scenarios, wherein the internet surfers, respectively their digital alter egos (the "avatars"), could easily move and contact other avatars. Accordingly, the file extension ".wrl" of VRML data-files represents an abbreviation of "world". To a certain degree, this powerful tool being used in such a prosaic item like presenting and post-processing finite elements analyses results almost exhibits a sacrilege.

In addition to its visualization capacities, VRML offers the possibility of performing interaction with the users and implementing animations. And what is even more, by interfacing with other programming languages such as JAVA und JAVA Script these facilities can be expanded to an almost infinite level.

The actual release of VRML is version 2.0, specified as VRML 97 ISO/IEC 14772-1.

The successor to VRML is called X3D.

VRML/X3D and Engineering

We consider VRML/X3D as an ideal communication medium in the CAx context. This topic is covered on our page Web Aided Engineering. We also invite you to inform yourself about our software immersive SIGHT und immersive SIGHT conference.