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A special competence of immersive SIM engineering is the integrated use of internet- and CAE-software.

That´s what we call

Web Aided Engineering

To carry out all well-known advantages of modern product-development philosophy, it is necessary to set up a close and multi-lateral communication among all persons and institutions concerned in this process, not only in your own firm, but also with suppliers and service partners. The fast and smooth exchange of data and information is an irrevocable presupposition to guarantee state-of-the-art efficiency in this process. In case of usual text or graphical documents, there exist no problems in communication via e-mail or fax.

With CAD- or FEA-formatted files, there is a different non-standardized situation. Special software not in common usage is required to open and view such files, which in practice calls for specialists. Usually, such files reserve excessive memory and disk space (100 MB and more !) and therefore don´t fit for video conferences or presentations. In many cases, the use of standard interfaces like IGES and STEP results in further trouble.

Consequence: Parts of constructional drawings are commented or changed by hand and sent by fax, following the motto „the constructor's native tongue is the drawing“. This procedure is not only troublesome and circumstantial, but also brings along the loss of the third dimension.

Alternative: Up-to-date internet technologies (JAVA, VRML, ...) open up possibilities recently passing anyone's power of imagination.

While discussing an actual engineering problem, two or more persons can have a close look on the same model by the same view point at different locations and PCs. Each participant in this conference has the opportunity to point out any detail of the model to the other members by means of an indicator, and to pan, zoom or rotate the model to any desired and suitable view. A standard PC is adequate for this job, special user's education is not necessary.

Utopia? We say no!

Our software (immersive SIGHT and immersive SIGHT conference) and our know-how help you with your approach to take the lead!